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Ingredients for murder
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Tuesday, 05 September 2006 13:39

While some are making an entertaining hey day of the recent media Karrnival, and a person who purports to be Wendy Hutchens father appears to be speaking to... well... himself--does this man not realize that his incoherent posts only go to further sully what little is left of Ms. Hutchens already tarnished reputation?--the talking heads breathlessly ponder the whys and wheretofores of John Mark Karrs recent false confession. Yes, it does indeed appear to be a Karrnival.

And yet, there is little that is truly funny about this situation. A little girl was brutally murdered a decade ago. People have made an enterprise out of putting forth their particular hypothesis. And then, theres John Mark Karr--an elementary teacher and self-admitted paedophile who not only claimed to have murdered JonBenet but claims to have sexually abused several young girls as well as alluding to another potential murder.

RTEM. Although Karrs e-mails and phone calls are beyond excruciating, they also reveal a great deal about this man. For example, recall in a previous article I proffered in part that, "[John Mark Karr] was attempting to sculpt himself as it were. Thus becoming a living effigy of his "beloved" JonBenet." Now, listen to part of the July 15, 2006 recording where he appears to be engaging in a self-hypnotic trance-like state. (transcribed below)

"And I cant stop gazing at her face. And this, I want to quickly explain to you something about this...this...this whole ritual. The whole, the sweetest thing about it is the closeness, that it...that it...that it My face is in her face. And its almost like Im going inside her face with my face. And its almost like the closer I look at her face and watch her go through this its like looking into her soul and so it per...its spiritual and I can just see her soul in her face and Im so close to her."

-- Saturday, July 15, 2006, Seventh Call, part a @ 44:54 m. (emphasis added)

There is also rather blatant evidence of leading questioning by Michael Tracey during both the phone calls as well as throughout the e-mail exchanges. And when Tracey was not asking leading questions, he was correcting details that Karr got wrong! And... are you ready for this? John Mark Karr allegedly recovered memories of murdering JonBenét! Seriously. Check out the following excerpts between Karr and Tracey:

"You dont have to beg me. I want this so much - for the memory of JonBenét to finally be at rest. I do not think I have said anything worth anything at all above. I did my best. You have to remember that at the end, I was heavily traumatized and have blocked out the whole of that night for years. It was not until I talked to you for over four years that I recalled anything at all. It is easy since I am out of the country with no people ever mentioning even the case to me. Ten years of a total blackout is a long time. I will be sorrier than you could ever know if I have not passed this test - the test of my life."

-- Friday, May 12, 2005, p 36, emails from Boulder DA site, Bates #0660


-- Friday, May 12, 2005, p 41, emails from Boulder DA site, Bates #0665

"Do you know that I sometimes have to get into an almost self induced hypnotic state to recall the events directly before the blow to her head and the events just following the blow to her head? I was traumatized by the that event because it was a finality and was very violent - something I cannot stand to recall. I need you to be my counselor and my confidant and much more. I need you so much to help me through all this. I blocked this from my mind for years. I did not block JonBenét from my mind, only that horrible ending. I am ashamed of it I hate myself for it."

-- Sunday, May 14, 2005, p 54, emails from Boulder DA site, Bates #0678

Regardless of whether Karrs intent was to become infamous, his confession is a classic case of false memories that were helped along by Michael Tracey. Now, think on this. District Attorney Mary Lacy stated that she would make the same choices given another shot. That, should tell you something. The Sonoma DA gave Lacy first dibs and since that fell through, is now extraditing Karr on five misdemeanor charges. That, should tell you something.

Here is what it tells me. Karrs expository, although false, provides a detailed road-map on how paedophiles "seduce" small children. His voice inflection, the words he chooses, the whole shebang. Add to that, the degree of trance in those tapes along with the mans quite obsessive concern over whether or not he would be believed, and there is a serious problem. Otherwise put, this man has not only fantasized the sadomasochistic murder of a child over the past several months--quite possibly, years even--but he auditioned for the part. And when he is released he will murder a child. He will follow the script. He will prove to all that he is indeed, a child killer.

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