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Wednesday, 03 May 2006 10:35

Trench of MyCrimeSpace posted an interesting tidbit regarding Massachusetts AG Tom Reillys challenge to myspace. I say interesting simply because I do not have a great deal of faith in myspace's alleged commitment to tighten up security in an attempt to make their venue safer for teens. Sure, they hired Hemanshu Nigam to "oversee safety, education, privacy and law enforcement affairs." But lets take a look at what they've been doing ever since Connecticut AG challenged them in early February.

In April, myspace allegedly "removed 200,000 objectional profiles" which they identified as "containing risque or hate speech." I guess they do not consider men trolling for boys as being... well... risque...

20 year-old Ken of Woodland Hills, California wrote to NAMBLA in September 2005 taking them to task for sexism and discriminating against other groups of adults who like children. Ken claims to be a "hater" on his myspace profile, though he apparently finds adult child sex to be just fine and dandy.

19 year-old Rick of Russell Springs, Kentucky wrote to NAMBLA in August 2005, stating that he was having, "pedophilic tendencies" and trying to control them before he "went to prison." He then asked them to send him some child pornography. Rick also has a myspace profile as well as a rather curious home page.

21 year-old Steven of Liberty, Missouri wrote to NAMBLA in September 2005 asking for material by email as opposed to U.S. mail. I take it Steven is unaware that child pornography is illegal regardless of the delivery method. Needless to say, Steven also has a myspace profile.

25 year old Jason of Portland, Oregon wrote to NAMBLA in September of 2005 apparently hoping they could "hook him up." While his myspace profile has since been deleted, he does have a left-over profile on a "cruising for sex" web board (not linked for obvious reasons).

64 year-old Tom of Derry, New Hampshire stated in his boymoment profile that his AoA is 14. I imagine law enforcement as well as the licensing board were not particularly pleased to learn that a mental health worker may be preying on 14 year-old boys. His myspace profile has since been deleted.

37 year-old Steve of San Leandro, California characterizes himself as a "boy with the thorn in his side." on myspace and a "really nice guy" on boylover. He also drives. A lot. At least, thats what he claims in his jelly profile. He is a self-ordained minister of his own church where he runs a live webcam, and is listed as a California bully cop on the bully police web site. He has been a boylover member since February 2003 and his myspace profile has since been deleted.

22 year-old Michael of Laguna Niguel, California likes them young. Seven, to be precise. At least that is what he stated on his boyloveonline profile. He isnt exactly coy about it either and even has a few pictures of nude boys on his myspace profile page to prove it.

21 year-old Scott of Los Alamos, New Mexico likes boys too. So much so, that he alternates each word in his boylover interest list with boys or bois. Scott is a school bus driver and on his myspace profile he states that he "has no friends [his] age" and that his "friends are from like 8-16 and from like 25-50."

18 year-old David of State College, Pennsylvania is in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxilary. In his boylover profile he lists a number of interests. Including boys. He is pretty much all over the internet. And he has a myspace profile too. Of course.

44 year-old Peter of Morrisville, Pennsylvania doesnt state his AoA in his boylover profile and his myspace profile has since been deleted. Though law enforcement no doubt found his "teen pics" homepage (not linked for obvious reasons) to be quite informative.

18 year-old Peter of Babylon, New York states that he likes everything about boys. I only wonder what the girl pictured on his myspace profile would think if she knew he was over on boylover trolling for teens?

61 year-old Michael of Torrance, California states in his boylover profile, "Being a boglover is a gift, nurture it." [SIC] in more ways than one. His myspace profile has since been deleted, but if you can read dutch, you might want to check this thread out.

The above was culled from material found by various individuals in the War against NAMBLA. Out of curiosity, I had decided to find out if they had myspace profiles. 30 individuals were subsequently identified. These are but a few examples of those who were reported to relevant law enforcement agenices (as well as myspace) in February of 2006. Although there is little investigators can do unless they are caught breaking the law, I find it ironic that myspace chose to delete only a handful of the reported profiles--those who were 25 or older--though it should come as no surprise considering recent revelations.


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