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The Profiler and the Unsub
Written by Russell   
Sunday, 24 August 2008 08:04

BRACE Character Profile Validity Test
Part One

The following is the text of a request I sent to Mr. John Douglas asking if he would be willing to provide the BRACE Character Profile input ratings for an UNSUB of his choice.

I am a licensed Psychological Associate employed full time with the North Carolina Department Of Corrections. I also have a private business through which I developed the cognitive-behavioral-existential model known as BRACE (Behavioral Relativity And Cognitive Economics). The model is based on basic human nature and the basic principles of learning (operant and classical conditioning). I have presented the model in various professional contexts at the local, state, and national levels --- in application to the full range of DSM-IV diagnostic categories. I have over 30 years experience working with severe behavior problems, including full time in a residential mental health prison unit, and I currently run a statewide program for adult male felons diagnosed with mental retardation, most are dually diagnosed. I have recently developed the "BRACE Character Profile" which is designed to profile maladaptive patterns of thought, behavior, and motivation. There is nothing else comparable to the BRACE Character Profile and I am more than anxious to go public with it. "Privatization" is knocking on the door of the prison where I work and I am getting ready to shift my focus to teaching law enforcement and other interested groups about patterns of criminal thought, behavior, and motivation based on the BRACE model in general and the BRACE Character Profile in particular. I have extensive experience teaching corrections officers about understanding criminal strategies and tactics.

If you would be willing to do so, I would like to email you a 75 item profile to complete on the serial killer or other infamous criminal you feel you know the most about --- you would email the completed profile to me, then I would send you a copy of the graphic display of the character you profiled. You just rate the 75 items on a 5 point scale. I plan to request that several well known "profilers" complete the BRACE Character Profile on the one criminal they know the best or at least one they know in considerable detail. The profile takes from 20 minutes to an hour to complete, depending on how well you know the person being profiled and how familiar you are with logical thinking and criminal conduct. My intention would be to use the profile you complete as part of standardization for the BRACE Character Profile and in workshops, presentations, and various types of training sessions, manuals, and handouts. Of course, you would be identified as the person providing the raw input for the profile, unless you request not to be personally identified.

Thank you,
Russell L. Smith

The Profiler Responds

The following note was attached to the BRACE Character Profile rating form of an unidentified subject selected for rating by Mr. John Douglas.

The Unsub

The following is a copy of the BRACE Character Profile analysis of the UNSUB sent to Mr. Douglas.

Russell L. Smith
[address redacted]
December 3, 2001

John E. Douglas
[address redacted]

Dear Mr. Douglas,

Thank you very much for providing the input for a BRACE Character Profile. I have asked a number of well know profilers, the FBI, AMW, etc., if they would be willing to provide input to assist with standardization and for training purposes, and pointed out they might gain useful information at no charge. I am very pleased with the response from students in psychology, criminal justice, etc. and very pleased with the response from professionals and professors who have a keen interest in participating but have no professional profiling experience. You are the first person with national name recognition to respond and I assure you I will take care of how I use it.

Attached you will find several graphic displays and a general narrative summary about the person you profiled. I am including some general information about the BRACE Character Profile to help make better sense out of its composition.


The BRACE Character Profile is designed to profile patterns of maladaptive thought, behavior, and motivation. The concepts of ADAPTIVE and MALADAPTIVE are operationalized by defining adaptive as independently exercising rights and meeting corresponding responsibilities, and defining maladaptive as violating rights or not meeting responsibilities.

The BRACE Character Profile consists of 75 randomly ordered maladaptive characteristics which are rated on a 5 point scale (0 to 4). The scale is designed to index maladaptive thought, behavior, and motivation.

0 = Rarely, slightly or not Characteristic at all
1 = Somewhat, sometimes, mildly characteristic
2 = Often or frequently or strongly characteristic
3 = Very often or very strongly Characteristic
4 = Consistently, extremely, core Characteristic

The scoring key orders the 75 items into three CHARACTER TYPES (Type A, Type B, and Type C) based on eight COGNITIVE variables, eight BEHAVIOR variables, and eight MOTIVATION or EXISTENTIAL variables.

The resulting profile reflects to what degree an individual’s thoughts, behavior, and desires are consistent with Type A, Type B, and Type C. Any average (Cognitive, Behavior, or Existential) score between 1 and 2 indicates emergent, periodic, or moderate pathology, which may include criminal conduct. Any average score between 2 and 3 represents a high probability of significant pathology, including criminal conduct. An average score between 3 and 4 indicates a near certainty of extreme criminal pathology. In general, an average score of 2 for BEHAVIOR would meet criteria for an Antisocial Personality Disorder according to DSM-IV.

The three so-called CHARACTER TYPES actually represent three core aspects of human nature, which in combination make up an individual’s character. These three represent different aspects of the dark side of human nature, from ignorance to obsessions (Cognitive), from lies to murder (Behavior), and from thrill seeking to self-worship (Motivation or Existential). It is these core aspects of human nature (maladaptive thought, maladaptive behavior, and maladaptive motivation) which must be actively managed by each person to in order for them to develop and maintain socially appropriate behavior. Under normal conditions, each person is more or less like Type A, more or less like Type B, and more or less like Type C throughout their lives and throughout each day.

In the following graphics, Series 1 is Type A, Series 2 is Type B, and Series 3 is Type C.

The enclosed so-called book (SOLOMON’S CRIME PREVENTION PACKAGE: CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT) will give you an idea where these character types originated. See pages 40-52 for Type A; pages 56-66 for Type B; pages 72-80 for Type C. See pages 91-92 for the character type that you profiled --- i.e., Type ABC.


Cognitive: Strange combination of intellectual capacity and narrowed focus of attention. There is clearly the capacity to formulate intent ... and the intent to ignore consequences. This person is exceptionally time and stimulus bound, but it is more a matter of wearing cognitive blinders than being cognitively impaired. They are very reactive --- yet, only to conditions and circumstances that they create for themselves. They are aware of social consequences but do not focus on them and willingly run exceptionally high risk. Could be psychotic, such as paranoid schizophrenic or delusional disorder, but not likely. Definitely very prone to systematic desensitization related to victims and consequences, and equally prone to being increasingly sensitized to exceptionally bizarre and self-centered thoughts and fantasy activities. This person is not stupid, but is very self-possessed --- i.e., a long history of cognitive conditioning combined with consistent behavioral actions, which serves to strengthen related desire and narrow focus of attention --- preoccupation would be an understatement --- more like an obsession turning into a lifestyle. This person stretches their own imagination to the point of making suicide out of the question and their habitation a death and pleasure chamber. They collect all things into their SELF ... only taking pleasure in both their being possessed (their obsession) and their possessing (their compulsion). All else (i.e., reality ... their neighbors ... the world) is out of their frame of reference because it is not important, not because they do not understand it or have the capacity to relate to it when necessary. They think primarily in terms of power and control fantasies designed to fulfill their increasingly perverted desires.

Behavioral: Power and control are core, primary, and essential features of all that they act for, act against, inhibit actions for, and inhibit actions against. They will do what it takes to get what they want and to avoid what they do not want. They have no moral, legal, social, spiritual, or personal restraints on their behavior. Behavior is simply a means to an end and their behavior has no constraints. They love power and control and will fight to gain and maintain it. They are oppositional to authority and take pleasure in deceiving and acting against all forms of higher power. The death of others is simply an outcome necessity if others serve their pleasure or block or delay their access to it. They are socially isolated, likely unemployed, and have an extensive history of serious criminal conduct, including serial murders with a strong sexual theme. They very likely combine criminal sexual conduct with alcohol and/or stimulants.

Existential: This social misfit has a self-created desire which is all consuming. Yet, even in desire it is the power and control that remains a central feature. When such a compelling desire is fulfilled by a person willing to engage in any type of antisocial behavior, death and dying by the objects of their "affection" is a near certainty. Intimacy is replaced by intensity and the power and control must be absolute. The desired relief from self-suffering related to being alone (i.e., all of the implications of interpersonal isolation, including antisocial pathology) and the desire for experiences of self-pleasure (i.e., being able to experience the pleasures of intimacy) combine in increasingly bizarre fantasies to make them the only actor in a play of one, they truly become a creation of their own corrupted desires --- to have complete power and control (through violence and force) in order to establish unconditional psychological and physical pleasure and simultaneous relief from pain --- all at the expense of others. This is a person who is ultimately compelled by their own systematically constructed SELF-image ... as a god. This is evil. There is no remorse (it has been conditioned out), there is no compassion (their own needs override any suffering of others)... there is only an empty, progressive, all consuming seeking of SELF fulfillment which can not be satiated because it can not be shared.

This person has the characteristics of a Jeffery Dhamer. Terribly self-absorbed, terribly alone, terribly self-corrupted, and terribly deviant ... a pervert’s pervert who by his own choices in thought and action shaped his SELF into being less than nothing of good value --- i.e., into being evil created of an evil conscience.

Again, Thank you very much for the opportunity,
Russell L. Smith

Would love to know who this UNSUB is ... [email address redacted]


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