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Palaces, Temples and Tombs
Written by Russell   
Sunday, 18 May 2008 18:02

Just my take on some of the posts related to the motive, method, and opportunity of school shooters and such. Regardless of intent, it seems to me that the general rationale of some bloggers and posters for explaining (aka: justifying) the murderous acts of school shooters is basically the same as the illogical spiel of Islamic terrorists recruiting suicide bombers to murder innocent people.

Unfortunately, it is also consistent with the anti-American doctrines of several organized religious groups and gangs within the prison population (Ahh, religions as gangs and gangs as religions, a true melting pot of multiculturalism), most of whom will be released into the community, many filled with seething fear and anger - fear of freedom and the responsibilities of self-care, and anger fueled by anti-American, anti-European pseudoreligious doctrines that makes Jeremiah Wright's inflammatory diatribes against whites and America seem laudatory.

The prison system is a breeding ground for homegrown terrorists, but so is the internet, and the internet allows for the wide open reinforcement of a completely different population of homegrown terrorists, a population which includes several functional subtypes based on different combinations of positive reinforcement (e.g., fame) and negative reinforcement (e.g., suicide). Curious how anger can mask and override fear ... a high opinion of one's self, a little angst, a little failure, many wasted opportunities, few joys, a compensatory virtual reality fantasy life, and an ominous future of cumulative consequences pressing in ...boom, boom, boom and bang, bang, bang!

Seems to me that the defenders, under the guise of trying to understand the motives and actions of the shooters, desensitizing any identification with innocent victims, and in one way or another blame and damn American society/culture, particularly the family unit and personal freedom and personal responsibility. Furthermore, such defenders offer solutions quite consistent with Sharia law as applied in a radical fascist state such as Iran or communism as applied by Stalin. It is always revolutionary in terms of process and outcome - i.e., violence against the established social order is not only considered to be an understandable response, it is justified as reasonable and expected. Why not boost and indirectly recruit shooters, making the shooters the victims, and create a new class of homegrown terrorists ... including more like Malvo and Muhammad?

The strategy, or at least the effect, seems to be to identify with and encourage the alienated narcissists, the rebels without a cause, and the naively deluded of America, and to simultaneously re-define and "re-frame" these fame and glory terrorists as the helpless manipulated products of a hostile, threatening, indifferent, and clearly VALUELESS society. After all, if a society is valueless, what difference does it make if it is destroyed? Wouldn't a valueless society and its valueless members merit no more respect than a twig? Furthermore, wouldn't a valueless society be a threat to any society with values? In fact, doesn't a society based on the real truth and lead by the purest of religious leaders (or anti-God leaders in the case of communism) have a duty to destroy societies that disagree? After all, there can be only one set of true values, defined by true religious leaders, and enforced by righteous power and control. Wouldn't that make violence for such a cause a virtue? (How many virgins? When? Where? How do I get there?)

Oops, the so-called valueless society is too strong to attack directly ... so first, attack the established social order by attacking the family unit, attacking personal responsibility, and attacking freedom from government intrusion and control - i.e., attack the constitution and the rule of Law. Of course, successful revolution in America will require intrusive control of the family unit and the elimination of individuality and personal freedom - the control of education and the halls of justice. Religious control of all activities of daily living (or the destruction of religions in the case of communism) will just be a by-product of incremental, almost unnoticeable successes in demonizing the society, the family unit, and most of all (indirectly of course) the individuality that drives the economy and makes the valueless opposition so strong - i.e., the Great Satan.

It is a war of values against freedom, including the inherent freedoms of individuality, capitalism, and the rule of law - a revolution to take control of the family unit, to define gender roles, to dictate lifestyles, to mandate government controlled education and ideas (Hey, that seems familiar.), to gain control of the expression of religious beliefs and the underlying values, and ultimately to destroy all opposition, to own the very life and living of the individual, bringing the family unit and all interpersonal relationships into the domain of government control. What power! In the final analysis, it's a revolution for government control of everything and against personal freedom of anything. Fear and anger are great motivators for those who seek more government or personal control. And, if you can conjure the authority to dictate what people should be angry at and what they should fear, as well as the flip side, you too can be an Ayatollah. It's a matter of values and value judgments and choices all the way down.

The Iranian revolution owes much of its success to various communication networks that systematically denigrated the Shah, poetically linking him to the blood-mingled clay used by the Pharaohs to build their self-praising monuments and tombs (pyramids), and used by the infidels to build their grand palaces and temples to so-called false religions. Palaces, temples and tombs - ahh, the infidels are such easy targets. The revolutionary religious leaders systematically gained control of matters of daily living, became the go-to guys for what to do and what not to do (and what to allow and what not to allow) - the keepers of the values and value judgments. With the power and control tactics of the Revolutionary Guard, the Ayatollahs gain full control of the available reinforcers and punishers (judicial, economic, educational, political and religious - the entire social order - lock, stock and barrel), and the entire culture and country became a radical fascistic theocracy - one that is actively apocalyptic (boom, boom, boom and bang, bang, bang).

The Iranian revolution is spreading throughout the Middle East through terrorism and the politics of war. A revolution based on fear and anger only ends when it has no enemies, when peace creates an awareness of new possibilities - eventually a desire for freedom and individuality within the framework of a rule of just laws. The radical Iranian Shiites and their Hezbollah storm troopers, lock-step in purpose with the anti-western, anti-capitalism, and anti-individuality of the Muslim Brotherhood and its Hamas, all infused and inspired by the violent tactics of Sunni al-Qaeda, do not seek peace. They seek war and the destruction of western civilization. And, they teach their young to love death and hate all that is not Muslim - all fundamental Muslims are radical. They actively nourish fear and anger in their young, and must cultivate enemies in order to survive and prosper.

There is no place for tolerance of diverse lifestyles or religions - just a self-created thirst for violence and a waiting for war. When peace threatens, they will fight each other, family against family, brother against brother. In spite of their contentions to the contrary, they have no rule of law - they have the rule of men, petty men who obey the natural laws of the jungle - where every predator is a prey - and their strategies and tactics are criminal and uncivilized. Such always cloak themselves in values (boom, boom, boom and bang, bang, bang).

If I were indirectly recruiting terrorists to act-out against the USA - against freedom and against capitalism ... against Europe and western civilization ... I would follow the lead of bloggers and posters who justify the shooters and blame the society - recruit from within. It so much reminds me of Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is actually an intelligent but silly, deluded, and dangerously outrageous little pawn of the self-serving fascist regime in Iran.

What better strategy could he and those of his ilk have than to get on as many public stages and participate in as many public forums as possible in order to entice and incite misguided and purposeless individuals, particularly those who perceive themselves as underappreciated or persecuted? Intentional or not, what better way to indirectly recruit homegrown terrorists in the USA?

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