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The modern-day Eris, the Cruel Divider
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Saturday, 17 January 2004 16:00

In reading the scant information discussed in the various so-called Recovered Memory Therapy lawsuits along with Retractor self-told tales I am reminded of various (dare I say "borderline"?) folk whom I have had the unfortunate displeasure of encountering in my travels. Ignoring their obnoxious behaviors (such as promiscuity, drug abuse, and other illegal actions that appear endemic to this population) one common thread is the glaring one-upsmanship, lack of personal accountability, and their uncanny ability to cause chaos and divide.

They are the modern-day Eris, the Cruel Divider, who it is said, "brings nothing but strife for strife's sake, to the bitter end."

Whether the schizophrenic epidemic of the 1960s, manic depressive epidemic of the 1970s, bi-polar, borderline, and later DID epidemics of the 1980s, they seemed to effortlessly move from diagnosis to diagnosis like a duck takes to water, all the while engaging in extremely hateful self- and other-destructive behaviors, and lest we forget, blaming someone else. In latter instances, such behaviors involved evincing spectacular symptamology constellations, including but not limited to, quite public (and often embarrassing) "switching" displays usually involving hundreds, if not thousands of alters in conjunction with claims of SRA that defied even the imagination of the most strident SRA/mc provivor, all the while acting as both disenfranchised helpless victims and all-knowing progenitors. They were the self-crowned royalty of whatever particular psychodrama in which they were decidedly involved.

Now don't get me wrong. These folk were undeniably suffering. There is certainly no question in my mind about this. Whether or not their present day problems were a result of past trauma in conjunction with their maladaptive and often hateful behavior, it is quite clear they were suffering. Then again, so was Bundy and Dahmer. You know, the one who left a string of victims from Washington to Florida and the other who tried to create sex slaves of his teenage victims by performing crude lobectomies, and then when they died, parted them out, froze them, and ate them.

But I digress.

Not surprisingly these folk would find their way to the latest fad, "false memory syndrome." Especially considering promises of large sums of money as well as public notoriety. Add to this the political agenda that is notably apparent in *all* of these cases and we've got a problem of epidemic proportions: implantation of false memories! Sadly, such politically biased epidemics (remember the refrigerator mother?) obfuscates "real" issues, therapeutic or otherwise, that should and must be addressed... while skeptics tout the latest so-called scientific discoveries (aren't some of these things simply common sense?) and clinicians find themselves defending against non-existent syndromes caused by non-existent therapies.

In the meantime, the drama queens and kings can I suppose, sit fat and happy in their well-padded financial judgment seats proclaiming their families were in fact perfect and their therapists evil. Rest assured however when they grow tired (and they will) or should their star begin to fade (and it will) they will most assuredly turn on their present supporters with equal if not greater self-righteous venom and vengeance, not unlike they did in the not so distant past... first against their families of origin, and then against the clinicians who tried to help them...

Old habits die hard. Especially the nasty ones.

Alas, like all fads, I suspect "false memory syndrome" will fade away and become nothing more than an echo in our collective memories. Even if its prophets try to keep the flame going with various press releases and public demonstrations of "false memory implantation." Certainly the public allure of this oh-so-catchy syndrome is become nothing more than a "ho-hum" having lost its appeal among all but the "hopeful and truly" falsely accused, as well as convicted (and obviously guilty) perps who are trying to weasel their way out of prison, and lest we forget, the foundation.

And just perhaps, some of our most gifted scientists, both researchers and clinicians alike (especially those who find themselves, perhaps distressingly so, entrenched in the black-and-white all-or-nothing vortex of perpetual disputation) will one day come to the realization that they have been duped. They have fallen for one of the biggest and cruelest jokes of the century... brought to you of course by our drama queens and kings, the modern-day Eris, who will most assuredly show up carrying the torch for the next syndrome, the next so-called truth, the next war.

In the mean time, those who have been harmed (the *real victims* that include *truly* falsely accused and *real* survivors) are left to deal with the fallout of a contentious battle that has been raging for well over a century...

Perhaps we'll do better next time.


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