Priming and False Confessions

False confessions are a phenomenon many find mystifying. Although it seems hard to believe a person would voluntarily make a false confession, it occurs with such disturbing regularity that courts must weigh the circumstances under which any confession was obtained when deciding the guilt or innocence of the accused.


What’s the Use of Restricting Student-Teacher Interactions on Facebook?

Restricting student-teacher interactions helps preserve the integrity of the student-teacher relationship and encourages respect both ways. On Facebook, students and teachers both communicate with peers in their respective age groups in ways that might not be appropriate from one group to the other. However, the fact that a teacher has a Facebook account makes many students feel their teacher is open to this type of peer-to-peer communication. Even if there is no inappropriate contact whatsoever, parents who see their children are Facebook friends with their teachers may nevertheless assume teachers are getting too much into their children’s personal space.


Profiling in the Victorian Era

As anyone with a degree in forensic psychology will tell you, criminal profiling, as practiced during the Victorian era was elementary at best. Considering the crime rate of the time, and the lack of consistent police formation and subsequent involvement, profiling was used more as a practicality than actual deductive tool. However, profiling, whether noted in use or not, was employed in one of the most infamous murder cases in history: the Ripper Murders.


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